Brevard County Bar Association
The Brevard County Bar Association (BCBA) is a voluntary professional association with more than 650 attorneys practicing within the 18th Judicial Circuit of Florida. The BCBA members work to improve the legal profession, the community in which they live and the administration of justice in society.
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Message From The PresidentPeters_ Mark S.


A family member looking at Kathleen and my photo albums recently remarked that we were young once, as if that was some sort of a surprise.  There are days, after driving to Tampa or Gainesville for a hearing, that I feel every bit the geezer I resemble in the most recent bar photographs.  Upon reflection, my age is undeniable.  I have a 36-year-old daughter and a grandniece that just went to a Prom.Time management in all of our practices is a priority.  Many days are booked with hearings, depositions and client appointments.  The “elegant and sophisticated” life of a lawyer means many meals are consumed at our desks between phone calls and emails.  When a client comments that our law firm’s attorneys  “seem busy, I always ask if they would prefer a not busy attorney as their legal counsel.  Sundays at the office is the only time some of us can get a few hours of uninterrupted time to draft pleadings or prepare for the onslaught of the week ahead.

The Florida Bar news and the New York Times both recently contained articles about lawyers’ health issues.  All of us develop coping mechanisms, some healthy and some not so much.  As much as my role as President is to encourage participation in the BCBA events and activities, clearly we all need to find outlets that do not remotely have anything to do with the practice of law.  A couple of decades ago, Judge Clarence Johnson told me he was studying welding.  I was taken aback.  One becomes a prominent lawyer and esteemed judge to avoid anything to do with welding.  I didn’t get it then.  I do now.  The whole idea was to do something that has nothing to do with our profession.  Judge Johnson’s longevity is testament to the validity of his endeavors.

As a member of the Senior Judge Review Committee, I recently read a transcript from a case submitted as part of our review.  The transcript of a judge’s comments, after a bitter divorce trial, clearly indicates a Jurist’s disillusionment with the  adversary dissolution of marriage  process and the destructive elements of a contested divorce.  I know this Senior Judge has many interests, completely unrelated to the law. Sometimes that is not enough.

I hope our members can find a balance in their lives, as our profession can be all consuming.  Maybe ask Judge Johnson about welding.