The Brevard County Bar Association hosts numerous events throughout the year for our members and also for our community!

2021 Cover Photo

2021 President: David Alpizar

Photographed: 2021-2022 Board of Directors & Judge Tesha Ballou

Sitting: Michelle Meulke, David Alpizar, Maggie Wagner

Standing: Valeta Cameron, Mike Pirolo, Jessica Travis, Melissa Peat, Geoff Golub, Jay Thakkar

Photographer: Randy Coleman

2022 Cover Photo

2022 President: Jay Thakkar

Photographed: 2022-2023 Board of Directors & Judge Morgan Laur Reinman

Row 1: Michelle Meulke, Geoff Golub, Maggie Wagner, Melissa Peat

Row 2: Jay Thakkar, Valeta Cameron, Jessica Travis, Suzi McQuagge, Sara Flenniken, Katie Rallo

Photographer: Randy Coleman



2023 President: Valeta Cameron

Photographed: 2023-2024 Board of Directors

Row 1: Mike Pirolo, Michelle Meulke, Sara Flenniken, Katie Rallo

Row 2: Valeta Cameron, Suzi McQuagge, Scott Alpizar, Jessica Travis, Geoff Golub, Maggie Wagner, Melissa Peat

Photographer: Randy Coleman